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Manny Chapa

MCtakeMeHome10x30p475.JPG (162633 bytes)
Take Me Home

MCfinding MyWay20x20p500.JPG (189273 bytes)
Finding My Way

MCwarmLove10x30p475.JPG (129689 bytes)
Warm Love


MCpurplePassion20x24p550.JPG (216074 bytes)
Purple Passion

MCremeberingHome30x40p900.JPG (251847 bytes)
Remembering Home

MCsweetDreams20x20p500.JPG (221890 bytes)
Sweet Dreams


MCaGiftFromLula20x20p500.JPG (184877 bytes)
A Gift From Lula

MCblackBeauty20x16350.jpg (164356 bytes)
Black Beauty

MCmonikasFlowers24x30p600.JPG (261417 bytes)
Monika's Flowers


MCenteringNature60x72.jpg (246167 bytes)
Entering Nature

MCmyViewOfPleasure30x40.jpg (279201 bytes)
My View Of Pleasure

T-Heads.jpg (47149 bytes)


MCtonesOfHome2.jpg (296676 bytes)
Tones of Home II



Lakeside_Park.jpg (221340 bytes)
Lakeside Park

MCfeelingBlue.jpg (289503 bytes)
Feeling Blue


snake_plant.jpg (56088 bytes)
Snake Plant

MClaMaceta20x16350.jpg (181302 bytes)
La Maceta

MClaMano12x9250.jpg (116359 bytes)
La Mano

ElCantarito.JPG (141694 bytes)
El Cantarito

ElMelon.JPG (157404 bytes)
El Melon

ElCorazon.JPG (136414 bytes)
El Corazon


LaEscalera.JPG (166408 bytes)
La Escalera


LaPera.JPG (140993 bytes)
La Pera

ElNopal.JPG (169483 bytes)
El Nopal


LaRosa.JPG (138754 bytes)
La Rosa


ElAlacran.JPG (138034 bytes)
El Alacran


LaPalma.JPG (122069 bytes)
La Palma


  MCmyLoveForNature16x12300.JPG (161262 bytes)
My Love For Nature


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1994 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, Texas
1992 Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas

Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions
2006 Selected Landscapes, Cafe Java, Round Rock, TX
2004 Nature's Pleasures, Texas French Bread Cafe, Austin, TX
2004 Collection of Landscape & Still Life Painting, Avanti Garde Salon, Austin, TX
2003 Eclectic Gathering, Guadalupe Art Center, Austin, TX
2003 Mardi Gras Soiree, Topaz Salon, Austin, TX
2002 Recent Landscape Paintings, Z-Tejas Grill, Austin, TX
2000 Visions of Life, Buchanan Gallery, Galveston, TX
2000 Artcapades, South Texas Institute for the Arts, Corpus Christi, TX
2000 Landscape & Still Life Paintings, Magnolia Cafe, Austin, TX
1999 Square Roots, Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX
1998 Summer Sunshine, Fakiris Gallery, New York, NY
1998 Selected Texas Artist, Art Museum of South Texas, Corpus Christi, TX
1997 Nature & Spirit: Three Artists in the 90's, 26th Street Studio, New York, NY
1996 Spirit of Nature, MB Modern Gallery, New York, NY
1994 New Texas Talent, Craighead - Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

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