A n    A r t    a n d    J e w e l r y    G a l l e r y



hippyBead60.jpg (219663 bytes)
Hippie Bead Bracelet

skull35.jpg (184941 bytes)
Silver Marcasite Skull Bracelet

4blue35.jpg (219663 bytes)
Turquoise Jet w/ Blue Rosettes

skullz35.jpg (219663 bytes)
Turquoise Skulls & Beads

silverBead35.jpg (219663 bytes)
Vintage Silver Bead Bracelet

heart45.jpg (184941 bytes)
Leopard Heart Bracelet

crown35.jpg (219663 bytes)
Turquoise Crown Bracelet

4blue35.jpg (219663 bytes)
Turquoise & Lapis Bracelet

red35.jpg (184941 bytes)
Red Swarovski Bracelet

WhiteJetSmSkull.jpg (219663 bytes)
Small Skull & White Jet

JAcrossNecklace.jpg (219663 bytes)
Swarovski Crystal Cross Necklace

JAhorshoeEarrings.jpg (184941 bytes)
Lucky Horseshoes Earrings

JAvintageChainWithLapisRose12in129.jpg (219663 bytes)
Vintage Chain with Lapis Rose

JAvintageChainWithLapisRose12in129CU.jpg (512627 bytes)

Close Up
Vintage Chain with Lapis Rose


JAkittyNecklace.jpg (219663 bytes)
Blue Clay Cat Necklace


JAvintageChainWithAmazonite12in129.jpg (209345 bytes) 
Vintage Chain with Amazonite

JAvintageChainWithAmazonite12in129CU.jpg (541226 bytes)

Close Up
Vintage Chain with Amazonite


JAvintageCameoEarrings1inLong$55.jpg (82776 bytes) 
Vintage Cameo Earrings

JAbriteBlueEarrings.jpg (219663 bytes)
Blue Crystal Bead Earrings




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