A n    A r t    a n d    J e w e l r y    G a l l e r y

 La Vie Parisienne    
          by Catherine Popesco

LVblueSquareEarrings.JPG (118633 bytes)
Milky Blue Earrings

3343LVPcontessaEarringsSand61.JPG (106546 bytes)

Contessa Earrings, Sand

GarnetNecklace80.jpg (92059 bytes)
Garnet Necklace

LVglobeEarrings.jpg (92059 bytes)
Blue Crystal Globe Earrings

3363LVPlgOvalCrystalEarringsLilac65.JPG (88135 bytes)

Lg Oval Crystal Earrings, Lilac

LVLgLiteGreenEarrings.jpg (62258 bytes)
Light Green Large Crystal Earrings

3LVonyxEarrings.JPG (88135 bytes)
Black Onyx Large Earrings


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The La Vie Parisienne collection originates in old Parisian workshops established over 200 years ago. The elegant designs are rendered from original molds and stampings created by the artists of the celebrated Neuveau and Deco periods from 1900 through the 1930s. Each piece is painstakingly detailed by hand following traditional artisanal methods. Most pieces are made of "old silver" or "14 carat gold", a unique French process of layering silver or gold over copper to bring out relief and detail. All crystals are hand set and the enameling is done with tiny brushes until each piece exhibits its unique quality and reflects the art and culture of the past while becoming a treasure in the present.

Catherine Popesco, creator and owner of the international jewelry and accessory company La Vie Parisienne, is a Paris native and the leading force reviving the elegance and grace of France's golden Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. With her vivid imagination, Catherine uses the invaluable treasures of French artistic heritage and style to create an exquisite collection of handmade jewelry and decorative objects.

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