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Femme Metale

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Swinging Aqua Earrings

FMroseTatooCharm83.JPG (159197 bytes)
Rose Tattoo Charm

FMimperialCrownRing207.JPG (69601 bytes)
Imperial Crown Ring
Ring Size:8

FMdecantHerNecklaceBoracha344.JPG (246822 bytes)

Decant Her Necklace

FMdecantHerNecklaceLush344.JPG (255623 bytes)
Decant Her Necklace

FMskullAndCorssbonesRingSize11182.JPG (171812 bytes)
Skull and Crossbones Ring

FMhorseshoeRingSize11157.JPG (179771 bytes)
Horseshoe Ring

FMlionKingRingSize10171.JPG (148113 bytes)
Lion King Ring

FMlucky-n-loveRingSize7119.JPG (169129 bytes)
Lucky - n - Love Ring


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Cupcake with Cross Bones

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Fleur De Bone

dccherry.jpg (8379 bytes)
Cherry Blossom

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The creative force behind Femme Metale is Leslie Homan, a former model, Hollywood makeup artist and wardrobe stylist. Creativity has always been in Leslie's blood. She has been designing her own clothes and accessories since she was very young. With many high school and college jewelry classes under her belt she decided to put this knowledge and her love of fashion to work. In January 2000 with a passion for fashion, Rock & Roll and precious metal, Femme metale was born. Her focus on high quality, always original designs and exceptional customer service have made Femme metale the leader in “sterling silver jewelry that rocks”.

Femme metale has graced the manicured hands of Christina Aguilera, Kate Moss, Cheryl Crow, Kat Von D, Brittany Murphy, Avril Lavigne, Angelina Jolie, and the Divas of the WWE to name a few. A darling of the press Femme metale has been featured in the following top publications: Teen Vogue, Cosmo Girl, ELLEgirl, Lucky, Cosmopolitan, J-14, Twist, W, Vibe, Lemonade, In Style and many more. Leslie is continually designing fresh new sterling silver jewelry to adorn the world's style leaders and trend setters. Heavy Metalwerks features all of our ultra masculine men's designs. And is worn by Johnny Depp, Dierks Bentley, Zulu, Ronny North, The Members of Lit and Scott Wieland. With over 320 completely original items there is something for everyone.

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