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Shobha Ohal

SOangelFaces42.jpg (470169 bytes)
Angel Faces


SOblueTeardrop68.jpg (200722 bytes)
Blue Teardrop Pendant


SOgermanFlowerPendant.jpg (141641 bytes)

German Flower Pendant



SOgoldenAngelPandant72.jpg (299844 bytes)
Golden Angel Pendant

SOheartEarrings45.jpg (289588 bytes)
Heart Earrings


SOlittleLeatherCuffs42.jpg (287717 bytes)
Little Leather Cuffs


SOloveBraceletwithGarnetBeads58.jpg (335927 bytes)
Love Bracelet with Garnet Beads

SOmacDaddyChunkyCamelRing.jpg (220605 bytes)
Mac Daddy Chunky Camel Ring


SOmadonnaBracelet58.jpg (128003 bytes)
Madonna Bracelet


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I'm an artist living in Silver Spring, MD. I started making jewelry about 7 years ago when I discovered that I was pregnant and wanted to stay at home with my child. I discovered that the local community college taught classes in metalsmithing and have not looked back since.

Some of my happiest moments are sitting at my bench with the back door open creating these delicate pieces which all turn out to be one of a kind as I am constantly changing them to make them different and hopefully better.

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