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Roly Rolon

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"Into the Blue"
LRlightAtTheEndOfTheTunnel16x12I136I16b.JPG (388297 bytes)
Light at the End of the Tunnel"
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Larry "Roly" Rolon is an outsider artist who lives in Hyde Park. He is a rescuer. A rescuer of things almost forgotten. 

As an actor waiting for the right script to come along, he has time on his hands- so he creates. Gather, create, repeat. The more people throw in his dump truck- the more art he can make. When he is not making art he can be found surfing along the Texas coast.

The product of this has been called whimsical, thought-provoking, accessible, unpretentious but still sophisticated. his work has been strewn throughout the universe- from Seattle to the far east.

Everyday for Roly is a treasure hunt.

LRtruckAndStudio.jpg (290881 bytes)
Picture by Marty Butler

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