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Roy Simpson

RS1inIvoryWtwo3pointDiamondsSSand14kGsize7440.jpg (177860 bytes)

1 Inch Ivory with Two
3-Point Diamonds
14k Gold and Sterling Silver
Ring Size:7

RS3quarterInIvoryWone3PointDiamondSSsize6half289.JPG (229466 bytes)
3/4 Inch Ivory with One
3-Point Diamond
Sterling Silver
Ring Size:6.5

RShammeredSSconicalRingSize6half160.JPG (96069 bytes)
Hammered Conical Ring
Sterling Silver
Ring Size:6.5


RSamethystSSand14kGringSize7578.JPG (313811 bytes)
Amethyst Ring
Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
Ring Size:7

RSssEarringsw14kG135.jpg (134781 bytes)
Sterling Silver Earrings with
14k Gold

RSsapphireAndLapis14kYellowAndWhiteGringSize6half647.jpg (132215 bytes)
Sapphire and Lapis Ring
14k Yellow and White Gold
Ring Size:6.5


3041RStormelineAndDiamonds14KgRing2250.JPG (76096 bytes)

Tourmaline & Diamonds Ring
Ring Size:7

3044RStorquisePendant600.JPG (77065 bytes)
Turquoise Pendant

3050RSsterlingSilverEarrings83.JPG (93530 bytes)
Sterling Silver Earrings

3102RStorquiseRing234.JPG (63882 bytes)
Turquoise Ring
Ring Size:6
3108RScoralAndCitrineEarrings963.JPG (68120 bytes)
Coral & Citrine Earrings
3128RSbrazilianAquamarineRing1100.JPG (78707 bytes)
Brazilian Aquamarine Ring
Ring Size:9
3136RSperfectTenCuff75.jpg (49814 bytes)
"Perfect 10" Cuff
3141RSssEarringsPinnedGold152.JPG (76634 bytes)
Sterling Silver Earrings Pinned with 14k Gold
3148RSssBand125.JPG (74930 bytes)
Sterling Silver Band
Ring Size:6
3153RSssBandwith18kGold97.JPG (55531 bytes)
Sterling Silver Band with 18k Gold
Ring Size:6
3054RSroadkillIvory125.JPG (50263 bytes)
"Road Kill" Ivory Earrings
RSscarabRingSSsize9234.jpg (53202 bytes)
Scarab Ring Sterling Silver
Ring Size:9
RSfwpFramedOrnate14kGoldWsterlingSolidBandSize6537.jpg (53852 bytes)
Fresh Water Pearl framed
in Ornate 14k Gold with
Sterling Silver Solid Band 
Ring Size:6
RSfwpSolidbandSSand14kSize6262.jpg (60676 bytes)
Fresh Water Pearl Solid Band
Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
Ring Size:6
RSfwpSplitbandSSand14kSize7130.jpg (65839 bytes)
Fresh Water Pearl Split Band
Sterling Silver and 14k Gold
Ring Size:7
RSbyzantineStyleRingwithAmethystSize8half179.jpg (62816 bytes)
Byzantine-Style Ring with
Ring Size: 8.5
RSssBandwith18kgoldwrappingSize7193.jpg (34065 bytes)
Sterling Silver Band with
18K Gold Wrapping
Ring Size: 7
RSsterlingConeShapedRingSize8half124.jpg (33495 bytes)
Sterling Cone-Shaped Ring
Ring Size: 8.5
RSsapphireRing14kGssbandSize7330.jpg (55473 bytes)
Sapphire Ring, 14K Gold
wrapped around one Pink and 
one Yellow Sapphire, with
Sterling Silver Band
Ring Size: 7
RSsapphireRing14kGssbandSize7330pinkside.jpg (74916 bytes)
Close-Up of Pink Sapphire
RSsapphireRing14kGssbandSize7330yellowside.jpg (87003 bytes)
Close-Up of Yellow Sapphire
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Roy Simpson is an incredibly talented goldsmith living in Wimberly, Texas. His jewelry usually consists of 14k and 18k gold, sterling silver, or precious gems such as Hawaiian coral, colored diamonds, and Brazilian kunzite. Roy has an interesting sense of humor. Being a native Texan, he refers to his ivory pieces as "Road Kill Ivory". And his clever cuff bracelet, stamped with the numbers 0-9, is meant to be given to a "perfect 10". He loves his studio and home in Wimberly and never checks his e-mail. But, it is always a treat when he comes to visit us at Libertine, in what he calls "the big city"! Roy has expanded his small jewelry enterprise to also include the prestigious McNay Art Museum in San Antonio.

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