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Jessie Strub

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"Don't Talk"
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"Just Listen"

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"She Waits for Know One"
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"Women and Their Work"

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"Forgive Me Oh Lord"

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"Church I"
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"Church II"

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"Church III"

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"Interior Bar Day"

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"Places I've Been"

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"And He Rode into Town on Roses"
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I grew up on a beautiful ranch outside of Dripping Springs, Texas whose landscapes made an enormous impression on me. My obsession with art began at a very young age. I can remember occasionally pretending to be sick so I could stay home and spend the entire day drawing and coloring. I briefly attended St. Edward's University where I quickly changed my major to fine arts and studied under professor, Walle Conoly. Though he does not know it, I affectionately blame him for changing the way I view my environment. In fact, one of my first paintings in his class was of that ranch and my mother still has it hanging to this day, though that ranch is no longer a part of our family.

My style and voice have changed quite a lot since then. The style of collage that I do today was started when I lived in New York City. I move there as a newly wed to pursue a career as a model. It was a very difficult period for me personally. Having very little money for paints, I began making "art" for my painfully blank brick walls using cereal boxes, shoe polish and Vogue magazines left over from the previous tenant. These are basically the same materials I use today. I am inspired first by music but also by the LP cover art and poster art that I encounter daily while enjoying working at Waterloo Records. I am currently reflecting on ideas of the American West as well as religious iconography predominantly that of the Catholic faith. I hope that they affect you.

Artist Statement

"Each man in his darkness goes toward light."
Julien Green

There is a dark place within each of us that, when recognized, allows us to fully appreciate the true beauty in life. It is only when embracing this depth of emotion, with its sorrow AND its bliss, that we find our truth. I strive to explore this experience with surreal, collage imagery. Floating elements, shapes and landscapes come together in layers to form bizarre worlds sealed away and trapped by highly reflective resin. They are striking in symbolism while remaining furtive.

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