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Jenni Urbanczyk


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"She Waits For Rain"

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Jenni Urbanczyk was born in 1979 in San Antonio Texas and grew up on the back roads in the small towns of Texas. In 1998 she moved in and around the Austin/San Marcos area to pursue her BFA at Texas State University where she graduated in 2005. In 2003 she worked as an art educator teaching photography to kids at the non-profit ArtSpace in San Marcos as well as in the public school classrooms of San Marcos. She received the Julia Posey Fine Arts Scholarship for art educators as well as the TX State University Fine Arts Scholarship for achievement. Her work has been shown at Gallery Lombardi in Austin, TX, the Daugherty Arts Center in Austin, TX, the East Austin Artists’ Coop, Austin Community College Rio Grande, Pinnacle and Business Office Art Galleries, Joann Cole Mitte Art Gallery, San Marcos, TX, Odessa College in Odessa, TX and at City Arts of Wichita Kansas.

Artist Statement

In 2005 she loaded her car, grabbed her dog and headed out photographing the experience that has become Technicolor Memoir. Between adventures she calls Marfa, TX home. Here she owns and operates Tillie Arts of Marfa and Jenni Urban Photo but spends most of her time exploring and shooting the vast west Texas 'scapes.

The intent at the outset of the project was simple, I was just trying to get a good shot, capture the moment. As people saw and reacted to the work I realized that the photos not only took me back to that certain time and place but did so for them as well. Despite our differences as individuals, there is commonality in our experiences.

The vivid present will always become the hazy past. Photographs are tangible effects of the moment. Just as we tend to embellish our stories in an attempt to draw them out of the static of memory, I have “technicolored” these images to highlight that certain something that made the scene so photo worthy. As my travels continue the memoir grows.



Statement: Jenni Urbanczyk has been an active professional photographer for the past seven years. Her work experience has gained her experience as a traveling portrait photographer, ballroom dancing photographer, wedding photographer, portraiture professional as well as a fine arts photographer. She lives and works in Texas, traveling from Marfa to Austin, San Antonio and beyond.


        Present Tillie Arts of Marfa, Marfa, Texas

        Gallery Director

      • Present artwork to the public

      • Design advertising and promotional materials

      • Sell art

        Present Jenni Urban Photo, Texas

      • Wedding photography

      • Portraiture

      • Event photography

      • Architectural photography

      • Fine art

        2005-2006 Hometown News, New Smyrna Beach, FL

        Staff Photographer

      • Photograph town events

      • Edit images

      • Enter photographs into system using Quark and MS Word


2005 Portrait Pros, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

          Staff Photographer  


        1998-2005 Texas State University San Marcos, San Marcos,  TX


      • TX State Fine Art Scholarship

      • Julia Posey Art teacher’s Scholarship

      • TX State Photography Club-Member

      Skills: Experienced in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Quark. I have my own DSLR Cannon D5, strobes, flash systems and tripods. My transportation is reliable and I am always ready to shoot. 

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